My journey and my collection of food photographs



I have to start this blog post with the photograph of the most iconic dish in Mumbai – Pav Bhaji. The above photograph – clicked at the Juhu beach – is also very special because that was my first encounter with the actual and the most authentic Pav Bhaji.

Being a culinary expert, my relationship with food has always been special. Whenever I cook something, the look and feel of the ingredients, the beautiful smell, and the vibrant colors just take me into another world. My family and I have a strong connection with Punjab as our roots belong to that place; hence, the passion for food was always there in my genes. And I strongly believe that the indulgence in food is the only thing which makes me and my entire family extremely happy, be it anytime.

Delhi is my hometown where I spent the first 23 years of my life, and after spending another 7 years in Hyderabad, I landed in Mumbai which changed my life completely. I wanted to explore this city; hence, after contemplating over it a lot, I decided to take a break from my work for a month. Whatever people say about Mumbai: traffic problem, sky rocketing property rates, congested roads etc., I simply love this place – more than Delhi and Hyderabad – for a very special reason which is introducing me to a profession known as food reviewer. This city gave me an opportunity to combine – or I should say convert – my greatest passion with the profession of a food reviewer, and I share my restaurant and food experiences through the medium of this blog known as Mumbai Food Diaries. I was smitten with this profession – which is so uncommon and definitely leaves you embarrassed when most of the people are not aware of it – and it kept me extremely busy. I never realized that when my impromptu decision of taking a break of one month got extended into a perpetual endeavor. My plans to rejoin my job have faded into oblivion. Yes, I did convert my passion into my profession, and this has been one of the best decisions of my life. 

For me, food is much more than just satiating the appetite and indulging in a tasty food is something where the pleasure is beyond any measure. The four simple steps to enjoy the food: seeing its beautiful colors, experiencing its aroma, tasting its flavors when they hit your palate, and, finally, feeling its texture with the touch of your hands belong to the most amazing process of felicitousness, and this is how our senses work towards the food. From preparation to presentation, each aspect is crucial to bring the entire dish together as a whole.

Through the medium of this blog, I would like to share some of my favorite food photographs which I took in my food review journey.

1. Simple condiments at Smoke House Deli, Lower Parel

2. Egg Florentine with Hollandaise sauce at Smoke House Deli, Lower Parel


3. Fruits and vegetables salad along with an omelette at Salad Bar & Walnut cafe, Navi Mumbai


4. A chicken dish – very well presented at Asian Kitchen – Four Points by Sheraton, Navi Mumbai



5. A tart with caramelized onions and goat cheese at Asian Kitchen – Four Points by Sheraton, Navi Mumbai



6. A Spanish omelette at Smoke House Deli, Lower Parel



7. Cottage cheese with Fettuccine pasta at Fat Man’s cafe, Bandra Reclamation Area


8. Cinnamon and chocolate molten lava cake at Chili’s, Navi Mumbai


9. A Mexican platter which consists of cheese balls, nachos, bombay style burgers etc. at Chili’s, Navi Mumbai


10. Mexican southwest rolls at Chili’s, Navi Mumbai


11. Tomato and cheese pasta at Salad Bar & Walnut cafe, Navi Mumbai


12. Waffles at Salad Bar & Walnut cafe, Navi Mumbai


13. Arugula leaves and cherry tomato salad with gauda cheese at Zen cafe, Lower Parel

14. Pesto cheese cubes – one of the delicacies of Dutch at Holland Food Festival


15. Caramel custard at Salad Bar & Walnut cafe, Navi Mumbai


16. Simple omelette with an amazing preparation at Salad Bar & Walnut cafe, Navi Mumbai

17. Beetroot Tikki at The Masala Table, Navi Mumbai




18. Egg Florentine and scrambled eggs at Smoke House Deli, Lower Parel


19. Irish coffee at Legendary Prithavi cafe, Juhu



It is very important to love whatever you do and more important is to grow and learn from your experiences. People still do not believe when I tell them my story of converting my passion into my profession. I am certain that most of us are capable of doing this; hence, identify the opportunity and seize it…….forever.


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