Burgundy Box – The experience which changed my food ethos

The Do-It-Yourself concept of Burgundy Box absolutely surprised me where the simplistic process and the sublime quality of ingredients made a huge impact.

Burgundy Box Mumbai Food Diaries

“I prefer to hand-pick my ingredients; hence, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) concept of Burgundy Box will not work for me.” I still remember this conversation with my husband few months ago. We, humans, often love to form unbridled assumptions and, very quickly, modulate them to conclusions. We judge things without experiencing them and estimate the results based on our non-exposure aspect. Hence, we lack in understanding the positive facets, and we deprive ourselves from the true picture sometimes.

It might sound strange to you all, but the process of selecting the ingredients for my food gives me infinite bliss; hence, this therapeutic endeavor and my insane food fetishes repelled me from Burgundy Box experience, and I looked askance at this avant-grade concept for quite a long time. However, when the opportunity came to try any of their mystery boxes, I kept my delusions and inhibited thoughts aside and segued into this another purview of culinary world which depicted an interesting concept of home-made food (to an extent). As a result, I was absolutely surprised with the experience where the simplistic process and the sublime quality of ingredients made a huge impact. I succumbed to their impressive concept which altered an aspect of my food ethos.

Its inception……..

“An idea is like a virus. Once it has taken hold of the brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate it.” The die-hard fans of Leonardo DiCaprio will be able to resonate with the above quote. Similarly, the inception of Burgundy box happened with an idea where, during its rudimentary stage, its four co-founders: chef Ajay Chopra (Chefprenuer), Shabnam S. Mehra (Marketing head), Vivek Mehra (Investor), and Sandeep K Singh (Investor), envisaged a concept of converting a high quality meal into home-made happiness by allowing people to enjoy the delicacies at home.

Burgundy Box Mumbai Food Diaries
The co-founders

The mission was to bring the wholesome and fresh ingredients to customers at their doorstep where they can cook in minutes with the help of crystal clear instructions and without the hassle of going through the annoying tasks of chopping and cleaning the vegetables. The entire objective was to de-stress the consumers from the most time consuming and daunting steps in cooking so that the dish is ready in minutes. As a result, the four mavens helmed their respective domains, and, after months of work and research, their idea germinated into Burgundy Box.

By the way, do not forget to check out their ready-to-eat meals as they have a variety of “Served meal box” too.

There is much more to the mere ready-to-cook facet……

In simple terms, the entire idea is to provide ready-to-cook meals to the consumers with the aim of extremely simple procedures and perfectly timed cooking mechanisms. These meals or boxes include: aptly measured and labelled ingredients with good packaging, neatly chopped vegetables, and a recipe pamphlet. In other words, if you order a particular meal or box from the Burgundy Box website, there will be no hassle at your end to gather the ingredients or chop the vegetables as everything will be provided to you in the meal box, and, most importantly, the dish will just take near about 15-20 minutes of cooking time.

The meals boxes include: aptly measured and labelled ingredients with good packaging, neatly chopped vegetables, and a recipe pamphlet.

The team curates a new dish every week, and the well-designed ready-to-cook meals showcase the team’s thorough research where even the minuscule things have been taken care of. For instance, salt, pepper, and oil are some of the ingredients which we all have at our homes; however, the Burgundy Box made sure to provide the basic things as well so that the customers get everything at one place, without reaching out to their kitchen closets. The same fact also gives certain flexibility to people as they have the control to finish their cooking as per their own taste and choice.
As Shabnam S. Mehra, the marketing head of Burgundy Box, mentioned: “We do not want to give any scope for trial and error. The dish must be done without getting it wrong; hence, timing is very important in our well-crafted meal boxes. Our stepwise and perfectly timed cooking instructions strive to provide a delicious experience where people do not have to worry about the taste.”

My experience……

My first encounter was quite fascinating, where their attractive burgundy colored box gave me a wow factor. Their good quality was evident in the ingredients which were neatly packed and labelled. With everything in place, perfectly chopped and measured along with the clear-cut instructions, their 15-20 minutes of cooking time further elevated the experience. The ease of use is captivating, and their Do-It-Yourself meal on an extremely exhausting and wearying day tuned out to be a salvation for me where I thoroughly enjoyed my food and a unique experience at home.


Some people find their meals a tad expensive; however, please note that price is a subjective aspect. Their amount of effort in managing the shelf-life of ingredients and making sure that they reach in a fresh state is commendable; not to forget the high quality of ingredients. Also, there is a flexibility for people to cook the dish as per their own choice and taste.

However, as per my opinion, I would like to have a certain control on their menu which I feel is restricted in the interim. For instance, it should give me an option to exclude or include something extra.

Burgundy Box Mumbai Food Diaries

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