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Burma Burma is one of my preferred vegetarian restaurants in the city of Mumbai. Its wholesome and humble food makes this place worthy of repeat visits.

In terms of food, there was a time when people were classified into two categories – Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians. Well, things are much different now. People have lot of options to choose from; hence, the term vegetarian has been further divided into: Lacto-Vegetarians who do not eat eggs and flesh but do eat dairy products, and Ovo-Vegetarians who are just the opposite of the former – do not eat dairy products and flesh but do eat eggs. In fact, there are people known as Pescatarians who almost come under the vegetarian category where they say no to flesh but do eat fish for health reasons.

If you happen to be a non meat-eater, you must have faced the embarrassment of biased non-veg menu at many restaurants, not regularly, but sporadically for sure. And being a vegetarian, I could never reconcile with the aforementioned fact, and the hard core non-veg restaurants have always repelled me. Hence, the experience of sojourning at a vegetarian restaurant is something I look forward to.

Situated at Fort, Burma Burma is perhaps quite prominent among the vegetarians in this city, but it tends to attract non-vegetarians as well. Its niche and prestige in terms of serving burmese cuisine play a cardinal role in its good reputation in the upscale neighbourhood of Fort, and its enchanting ambiance does represent Burma in a very moderate way. My latest foray into this restaurant, as a part of a food tasting invitation, was delightful as always where my joyful immoderation towards the food was the only concerning factor.

Let’s discuss food now.

I started my feast with a very healthy appetizer – Sprouts and lotus stem soup. With a perfect balance of sweet, salt, mustard flavor, and tanginess from a pickled vegetable, I absolutely loved it. Next was one of their well known dishes – Teal Leaf salad. Extremely wholesome with humble flavors and apt tanginess, this modest dish leaves you on a happy note.

Burma Burma Mumbai Food Diaries

Burmese falafel with mild flavors and amazing freshness from the coriander leaves was too good. Served with a Manchurian kind of gravy, this falafel dish along with a nice presentation was delectable. However, the parantha with white chickpeas turned out to be my favorite in the entire meal. The chickpeas on the top of a crunchy white flour parantha had delicious flavors, and the harmony was simply outstanding.

Burma Burma Mumbai Food Diaries

Burma Burma Mumbai Food Diaries

The rice flavored in coconut milk went very well with the tangy vermilion peanut chutney which had nice flavors; however, a tad high content of salt in it was a minor let down. Nevertheless, I loved this combination. When my stomach started screaming “Stop! Stop! Stop!” due to my immoderation towards the food, I realized that it is THE dessert time. I tried my best to refrain from this aspect, but when the owner Mr. Ankit Gupta made a humble request to try a very small part of it, I could not say no. The avocado ice-cream with mild sweetness – as I always prefer – and a smoky coconut in a gastronomy style was very different, and I liked it. However, instead of a complete creamy texture, the ice-cream had very small ice chunks which were a tad disappointing.

Burma Burma Mumbai Food Diaries

Burma Burma is one of my preferred restaurants in the Fort area, and I have always liked their humble and wholesome food. I look forward to many more delightful experiences.

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N.B. The food was on the house as the session was a food tasting invitation.