Grandmama’s Cafe – Dadar East

Grandmama’s café is a beautiful place but in front of its enchanting aura, the food lags behind a bit.

Grandmama's cafe Mumbai Food Diaries

A majority of people fall under this scenario these days – “Hearts full of avarice, we humans hardly have a complete sense of serenity, tranquility, and contentment. We lack the feel of pride in our belongings, and we covet other’s happiness or materialistic possessions. This leads to our unbridled desires which make us dependent on money. Hence, most of the times, we averse to risk and end up doing something which is not our passion.”

However, exceptions are still there who have the mettle to do something different, live their dreams, and thrive in their endeavors. In spite of hurdles, they move ahead vehemently as they believe in themselves. They improvise, adapt, and overcome. They are eager to learn and evolve, especially from their mistakes. It is always a pleasure to meet with these people, and my latest encounter with the owner of the Grandmama’s café Simar reminded me of the above mentioned genre.

Married to the family of hoteliers, the winsome and perky Simar embraced this hospitality culture beautifully, and her wildest dream to open a café turned into a reality with the formation of Grandmama’s café. Practiced law as a profession, but in the pursuit of her dream, she followed her heart and switched the career. Her utmost dedication and devotion towards her new venture amazed me, and I marvelled at her fervent desire to make this place hugely successful. She mentioned:

“My husband and I have brought together certain secret recipes of our grandmothers, and we aim to provide homemade food under reasonable prices.”

Situated at Dadar East, Grandmama’s café is adjacent to the famous Pritam da dhaba. Recently opened, it stands out in its unique and artistic décor. The monochromatic white interiors along with complementary designs and frames on the walls are very appealing. The first meeting leaves you in awe where you marvel at its enchanting aura. You admire its positive vibe and riveting sight. You ask yourself: “Is this Dadar? That too east?” Its stellar look and feel set very high expectations, and you look forward to the experience.

Food: 3 out of 5

In comparison with the high hopes created by its visual aspect and based on my two brief sojourns, the food at Grandmama’s café is a tad let down. Its average quality belies the place’s panache. The prices are a tad reasonable, but I felt that the quality aspect has been neglected in certain cases. As Simar mentioned: “We are still new and are trying our level best to deliver great experience. We look forward to the customer’s feedback and evolve accordingly. We are still learning.”

During my first visit, the staff recommended Pizza, special pumpkin ravioli, and Tiramisu. With a freshly made base, the Barbeque Paneer thin crust (almost) pizza with mild spiciness and sweetness from the Barbeque sauce looked delectable and delivered a nice harmony. Their special pumpkin ravioli with the flavor of parsley was fine too where I liked the balanced acidity with a mild sweetish aspect, but a little high content of salt did not convey the right message. However, after an okay experience with the aforementioned dishes, the Tiramisu was a disappointment with the dominating sweet content and almost no coffee flavour. On giving the honest feedback to Simar, she tasted the tiramisu and removed all of them from the customer counter as she too was disappointed with its overall taste.

Grandmama's cafe Mumbai Food Diaries
Barbeque Paneer Pizza
Grandmama's cafe Mumbai Food Diaries

Grandmama's cafe Mumbai Food Diaries

Their egg or breakfast menu, which I was dying to explore, is not served all day and is available only till noon. On discussing this aspect with Simar, she mentioned that they are short on staff in the interim, but they are working towards it and will make the breakfast menu all day once they have the required number of resources.

On our second sojourn, we experienced different dishes, and our foray was a mix of ups and downs. Starting on a healthy note, we ordered a roasted beetroot salad, but, again, the high content of salt and the not so good quantity of feta cheese did not let us enjoy our meal. It lacked the fine seasoning and the apt acidity or may be the over powering salt content did not give the taste of any other ingredient. The masala omelette with sautéed mushrooms and a hash brownie was fine and ordinary, but the Barbeque sandwich turned out to be much better than the previous dishes. The filling of smooth cottage cheese along with good seasoning did the trick and delivered a tasty experience.

Grandmama's cafe Mumbai Food Diaries
Barbeque Sandwich

Grandmama's cafe Mumbai Food Diaries

Grandmama's cafe Mumbai Food Diaries
At the end, a must needed coffee

The staff seemed humble and quick, but it lacked the communication element. Most of the times, on being asked a question, our server would have to call someone else. Also, conversing in English with some of them did not seem the right choice.

For the items: roasted beetroot salad, masala omelette with sautéed mushrooms, barbeque sandwich, orange juice, iced hazelnut coffee, and a latte, the bill was near about 1000 INR. Without a scintilla of doubt, the café is reasonable, but they need to polish their overall quality in terms of food.

N.B. This review is based on my two sojourns where the food was on the house during the first visit.
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