Royal China – Bandra Talao

Royal China is one of the well-known restaurants in Mumbai. Situated at fort and the queen of suburbs, Bandra, this fine dining place is quite popular for its authentic Chinese cuisine. Our recent encounter with its Bandra outlet was quite an interesting one where our indulgence into the Chinese delicacies left us wanting for more. In all honesty, our expectations went quite high from its rave reviews from our friends, and fortunately, my alter ego and I were not disappointed. And yes, I am being mean when I say that one of its best aspects for us was its location – Bandra. Near to my home, reaching to this place in ten minutes without any traffic obstruction on a beautiful shady afternoon was the best way to kill our hopeless ennui.

Royal China Mumbai Food Diaries

A quintessential part of every restaurant is the flavorful food, and Royal China does deliver a good performance. Their extensive menu has been curated well, and it gives you a plethora of options in Chinese and Pan-asian cuisine. Believe me, vegetarians like us would not be disappointed as the menu has been balanced well but, of course, the non-vegetarian menu dominates. And if you happen to know the Chinese language, their menu has been written in it as well. Our foray into this place included colorful, flavorful, and beautiful dishes where 1.5 hours of our incessant eating left us with contentment and merriment.

The first striking aspect – spacious. I marveled at the space as Royal China does not resemble other compact and cluttered restaurants in Bandra. Space is a privilege in Mumbai and Royal China seems to have it. The vermilion colored dim décor is quite interesting, but, at the same time, I find it a tad dull as well. It could be more perkier but as it is a fine dining restaurant and not a bar or a cafe, I conjecture that it is meant to be like that. The service was very good, and we were taken care of; however, it lacked the energy. Nevertheless, we had a good time where the food kept us happy and extremely busy.

Food: 4/5

The freshness of ingredients, especially the vegetables, in every dish was the most striking aspect. The crunch and the feel due to the freshness were bang on. Even though all the dishes were good, some of them were fantabulous which delivered a sublime and an indelible experience.


We started with vegetable coriander soup where the nice consistency of vegetables was very soothing. The corn and water chestnut dumpling had an amazing crunch where the freshness made the dish well balanced. However, Bakchoy dumpling was absolutely delicious. Its preparation along with the impeccable cooking time delivered a great experience. Vegetable lettuce wrap was something quite interesting, and, again, the fresh and wonderful ingredients did the magic. This was a great choice for health enthusiast, and it suddenly reminded me of my fitness regimen which I always leave at home when I venture into a restaurant meal.

Royal China Mumbai Food Diaries
Vegetable lettuce wrap

But the show stopper in appetizers for me was the Sesame Potato Wrap. A spectacular dish where the layer of sesame seeds on the bed of mashed potatoes and crispy bread was absolutely delectable. Such a simple dish but extremely impactful and prominent at the same time.

Royal China Mumbai Food Diaries
Sesame Potato wrap

Main course:

Our main course consisted of sauteed french bean with hot garlic, mixed vegetable in soya chili garlic sauce, garlic fried rice and noodles. The next best dish apart from the sesame potato wrap was the sauteed french beans. Perfectly seasoned, their amazing crunch was spot on. The garlic fried rice complemented the mixed vegetable in soya sauce in a nice manner, but the thin noodles lacked some seasoning.

Royal China Mumbai Food Diaries


Desserts are a linchpin to happiness, and even if you are done with your food, their heavenly sight will make you drool at them – a normal human behavior. Mud cake was delicious and was more of a chocolate flourless cake. Soft and perfectly moist, it ended our foray in a happy manner. The mango pudding was mediocre in flavor. In this beautiful mango season, the pudding had a preserved mango flavor; hence, the lack of freshness was a big let down., and the mud cake ruled the dessert section.

Royal China Mumbai Food Diaries
Mango pudding and mud pie

When it comes to Chinese and Pan-asian delicacies, Royal China does stand apart in the league where the superior quality of food makes this place worthy of numerous visits.

Recommendation: Sesame Potato Wrap and sauteed french bean with hot garlic.

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N.B. Please note that this was a food review invitation; hence, the expenses were taken care by the restaurant. Cost for two: 2500 INR (approx.)