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umraan bandra

We all have different ways of arriving at our life’s purpose. For instance, when I was awaken to it by the jolt of an epiphany, I realized the extreme importance of a good physical and mental health, and there was no looking back since then.

However, I have felt lately that my strong commitment towards health and fitness is a blessing as well as a curse. My “No Refined Sugar and No Refined Flour” diet is a blessing due to the positive change physically and mentally, but it is also a curse due to the dearth of nutritious options in the restaurants. The incessant search of healthy options in a restaurant’s menu is a daunting task most of the times where I am left with no other alternative but to compromise and go for the unhealthy choices.

However, things are changing. My recent encounter with Umraan, a QSR situated in Bandra, gave me a ray of hope that there is a shift in terms of healthy lifestyle. Their “No Deep Frying” concept along with Ragi (Finger Millet) wraps piqued my curiosity, and this intriguing aspect compelled me to review this place straightaway. For health enthusiasts like me, this place gives an option to choose a guilt-free healthy meal (alternatives to refined flour thankfully) where the taste, the quintessential element of every restaurant, too does not disappoint at all.

Highlights – What I liked

Umraan hardly looks like a QSR in term of its décor. This winsome eatery with its well designed interiors and soothing colours stand out in the league. Their limited menu did not bother me as there were quite healthy options to opt for. From pan seared and tandoori starters to Ragi wraps and wheat Laccha Parantha, the wholesome aspect is evident in their menu.

The good quality of paneer was another highlight; its creamy and smooth texture further enhanced the overall dish. Vegetarians like me are stuck with paneer and potatoes in appetisers; however, Umraan’s variations in this category ranging from Paneer Pataka to Coconut tikki were quite good. I absolutely loved Coconut Tikki due to its nice coconut aroma. Their Gobi surprise with a filling of cheese was flavourful too. Again, I would like to remind you that nothing was deep fried.

umraan bandra
umraan bandra
Hariyali Chole
umraan bandra
Ragi Wraps
umraan bandra
Twisted hummus

Their concept of choosing any starter for the filling in a wrap or in a rice bowl is very interesting. As a QSR, I appreciate their idea of making less number of things without any compromise on the freshness of the food.

What can be improved…….

Umraan has its flavours in place; however, I would still prefer more flavours in their appetisers especially when they are used as a filling in a wrap. The sauce in their rice bowls needs more improvement in terms of seasoning and freshness. Their egg Bhurjee is delicious with subtle flavours, but the pav with its hard and dry texture dampens the enthusiasm.

As the entire idea is about healthy and “No Deep Fried” food, you might miss the crispiness in potato Tikki especially; however, please note that this is not “a thing to improve” per se.


Their Ragi wraps are bang on, and I can indulge into them numerous times without any guilt. Their paneer and potato appetisers are good too; however, with minor improvements in terms of flavours, they can be great. Umraan has lot of scope to grow with their healthy-lifestyle concept. I have already been to this place twice, and I look forward to many more visits. Times are changing and I can see that the names in my list of healthy options are increasing eventually.

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N.B. Please note that this was a food review invitation; hence, the expenses were taken care by the restaurant.